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Servicing Air Conditioning Units

Air Conditioning Repair is a very specialist job, engineers not only have to be qualified also needs to be well trained most of all experienced. Our expert air conditioning maintenance and repair engineers will be able to get your system back to working order in no time. We know that speed is of the essence when your air conditioner is not working. We ensure your units are diagnosed and repaired quickly saving you money and discomfort. Call us for Air conditioning repair now.

Preventative maintainance

Bad Smell

Air conditioning units give off stale odours when bacteria has grown on the indoor units fan coil, it does naturally happen over time. Our service engineers are equipped with anti-bacterial spray, it is one part of our professional service to clean and disinfect air conditioning units.

Protect Warranty

Air conditioning units come with a long manufacturer warranty and if the units are installed by professionally registered engineers they are ultra-reliable, for the warranty to be valid air-con system needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Air Con Company is qualified to carry out these services on all makes of air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning Service

Not Cooling

When your air conditioning unit is working but not cooling/heating enough or the air pressure is low, this is clear sing the unit needs servicing. Dust particle in the air gets collected on the filter and on the coil, which prevents air follow through the unit in turn reducing performance and high electricity bill. Regular service will keep the aircon unit working smoothly.

Need A Aircon Serviced?

we service the air conditioning system in London and the southeast, for quick service please speak to one of our friendly staff, we can book you on the same day.

Repair And Diagnostic Price


We have a no call out charge policy. We charge one hour minimum than every 30-minute unit. Our engineers are F-gas qualified and experience.


1st hour £85. Thereafter £30 every half hour. After the initial diagnosis is complete, we work on a fixed rate for the repair, with the client’s consent, no hidden charges so you know exactly how much you will pay before we do the work.


1ST hour £105. Thereafter £40 for every half hour. WEEKENDS AND BANK HOLIDAYS; 1ST hour £120. Thereafter £50. For every half hour.


Parts; cost plus 15 percent Congestion charge at; at cost Parking: at cost Please Note: All prices are subject to vat.
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