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Air Conditioning At Home

More and more of us are set to work from home, with covid19 changing our way of work-life balance. Air Conditioning for homes makes perfect sense, Air Con Company can supply and install for you with the perfect air conditioning installation solution for your home/office. lets you get on with what you do best. Our heat pump systems will keep you and your equipment at the perfect temperature all year round, providing heating or cooling when needed.

The Health benefit of the air conditioner is always understated, the air we breathe in our homes, have so many nasties. Panasonic air conditioning units with Nanoe x air-purifying system can purify the air, catching airborne dust particles and neutralising bacteria, fungi, and microbes. Leaving you with clean summer fresh air all year round.

Summer SALE

Bedroom air conditioning installation, starting from £1250.+ vat. Based upon 1 x 2.5kw Panasonic wall mounted unit, for a 4m x 4.5m bedroom back to back pipe run and whilst stock last. Don’t miss out, when its gone it is GONE. Subject to site survey. offer ends 31th July 2020. Call us for air conditioning installation for home (Brighton); 07832072381

Bedroom Air Conditioning

Great Night Sleep

“Temperature has big impact on quality of sleep. Ideally bedrooms should be around 16-18C but, if at night time, temperatures remains higher, “Your body temperature needs to drop slightly before you go to sleep which is why it’s difficult to drop off to sleep when you are too hot.” There’s a strong association between insomnia and elevated core body temperature. environmentally friendly and cost effective. with up to 400% more energy efficiency than standard heating systems. This means you can reducing fuel costs in the winter and have a comfortable home environment in the summer, whilst reducing your bills

Need A Aircon Installed Quick?

Beat the Heat with our best ever summer deal. Bedroom air conditioning installation 28% OFF usual price £1735 Now £1250. Fully installed. 5 year warranty. Limited offer till stock last. Same day response, quick installation available.

What is the cost of aircon installation?

The repair of the air conditioning system (Brighton) can be costly, with some of our competitors. We at Air Con Company have a fair price policy, we do not charge a call-out fee, our hourly rate is 30% lower than our direct rivals. We charge a very fair £85 + VAT for the first hour, after that every half-hour increments. Over 60% of our repair is completed with an hour and a half hours. That would make us one of the cheapest.
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