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Air Con Company is the number one home air conditioning installers in London, we supply and install a wide range of systems from small spilt unit for a bedroom to a multi-VRF system for high rise buildings. our extensive experience of installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems enables us to diagnose faults accurately and fix them in the minimum of time with the minimum outlay. From annual service visits to keeping your air conditioning at peak performance, we will be here to help with all of those and more, all year round. When it comes to air conditioning installation, we are number one.

Home Air Conditioning

Air con company can install air conditioners that are whisper quiet and cause no distraction whatsoever, not to mention the health benefits. The air we breathe in our homes have so many nasties. Panasonic Air conditioning units with Nanoe x air-purifying systems can purify the air, catching airborne dust particles and neutralising Bacteria, Fungi, and microbes, free of Mold and Allergens. Leaving you with clean summer fresh air all year round. To top it all, air conditioning is the most efficient form of heating.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning for business

Commercial properties from Hairdressers, Doctors surgery, Restaurant, or high rise office block, all have one thing in common “air conditioning”. Air conditioning is the standard when it comes to heating or cooling for business premises. Having a pleasant environment is something that we all have come to expect in a commercial establishment. Ideal temperature means your consumers will spend more time and, accordingly, more money. At Air Con Company, we make it our business to provide you with the very best option for the minimum of outlay. All our engineers are vetted and fully F-gas qualified.

Cost of air conditioning installation?

Domestic air conditioning installation price will depend largely on the house/room the air conditioning unit is being installed. A typical air conditioning installation price of a small home office is between £1200 – £2200. For a large bedroom air conditioning installation cost £1250 – £2500.

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